Draw Slow — Write Quick — Type Fast

Draw Slow was founded by Sebastiaan van de Venne in 2017. 

Sebastiaan finished his Bachelor Industrial Design in 2014 and after that started pursuing a graphic design career with a focus on calligraphy and type-design. 

In 2018 he was one of the fifteen chosen students for Type@Paris18 and produced his first text typeface called 'Novi'.

‘Draw Slow’ stands for the beginning of his career where he spend hours drawing letterforms in little notebooks. This is a constant reminder for him to look back and see the hours that he put in until now. It is also a way to differentiate the parts of typographic design where one could draw, write or type. 

Besides this all it is also just a Kanye West reference that told me to take my time in life and enjoy what I choose to enjoy.